Delusions of Grandeur 2021
Delusions of Grandeur (2021)
Highway 2020
Highway (2020)
One Way Ticket 2019
One Way Ticket (2019)
Heart Beatz 2018
Heart Beatz (2018)


About Me

I'm a hip-hop/rap artist, producer, and songwriter originating from Biloxi, Mississippi. With my unique rap sound, style, and emotion-filled vocal performances, I strive to push the envelope with my sound and create music that will leave an impression. Inspired by my life experiences, I seek to connect through my lyricism with listeners around the world. Be engulfed in the musical world I attempt to create with my no-frills approach and realness. Be sure to check back for new specials and promotions!

Music is life
HellRaizer · Movement ft. CreAsian

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